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 TreeStar (The Star Of The Tree's) Stats!

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TreeStar (The Star Of The Tree's) Stats! Empty
PostSubject: TreeStar (The Star Of The Tree's) Stats!   TreeStar (The Star Of The Tree's) Stats! EmptyTue Aug 02, 2011 8:44 am

Name: TreeStar. (The Star Of The Tree's)
Age: 14 Moons.
Gender: Male/Tom.
Clan: The Tribe Of Dancing Tree's.
Rank: Leader, Please.
Mate: Looking.
Personality: Funny, Caring, Friendly, Sweet, Bold, Brave, Fierce, & Loyal.
Picture (optional): My avatar.
Other: None.

(SkyClaw! I know this is your site, It's OwlStar Very Happy Can you make me a moderator? Please? Razz)
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TreeStar (The Star Of The Tree's) Stats!
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